The Blog Post You Have Been Waiting For

Get ready for an entire post about delicious food found here in the Philippines! I can honestly say that I have no complaints about the cuisine here. I find myself trying new things all of the time, but also grabbing some comfort food found in the US. So, here are some pictures and brief explanations of my favorite dishes of the trip so far:

First, let’s start with breakfast!

img_3486.jpg-Eggs, rice, fruit plate with red and yellow watermelon and papaya, and flan (so good)

img_3503.jpg-Fried rice and orange slices

IMG_3502-Delicious dragon fruit/ pitaya

IMG_3596.jpg -Veggie Omelet and bread


IMG_4255.jpg -Hmm, the cafeteria food looks a little different here…

IMG_3867.jpg -Chicken Caesar Salad with fresh mangoes!

IMG_3889.jpg -Fish bowls and pansit (my favorite)

IMG_3677.jpg -Carbonara (Italian food is really popular and easy to find here!)

IMG_3667.jpg -Filipe, fellow intern from Brazil, was really excited to get a pizza all to himself

IMG_3518.jpg-Beef Bulgogi, Kimchi, rice, and raspberry lemonade at Seoul Kitchen! Korean food is also really popular here. I have never had kimchi before but it was decent. I’m just not a big fan of spiciness.


IMG_3513.jpg -Buko Pie! It’s the specialty of Los Banos!

IMG_3756.jpg -Chocolate Cake made of ooey gooey chocolatey goodness

IMG_3758.JPG -It’s a favorite of ours and we’ve gotten it three times already to split

IMG_3849.jpg -No explanation needed

IMG_4280 -Coffee jelly! It has bits of gelatin in it.

Wow! I’m starving now after writing this post! Research update next week!


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